Kingray Multistacker

The Kingray KMS-F1 satellite multistacker is designed specifically for use with the Foxtel satellite platform.

It combines 2 horizontal & 2 vertical satellite services from 2 orbital locations. It then restacks the vertical polarity transponder services onto a horizontal polarity, therefore allowing a single cable distribution method for up to 32 satellite transponders plus FTA services once combined via a diplexer after the multistacker. In comparison to the existing distribution method via a 5 wire multiswitch system, your labour & material costs will be significantly cheaper. 

Not only is this distribution method to be used for new SMATV installations but it allows the combined FTA – Satellite to be distributed down an existing single cable RF distribution network that is fitted with a minimum of RG6 coaxial cable.

The stacker has been fitted with a 5 position dip switch which is switched to match the State installed. This allows Foxtel to make better use of Transponder space in the event that the total 32 transponders are used.

Kingray Single Input Satellite Amplifiers

The SAT25S & SAT40S are single input satellite distribution amplifiers are designed specifically for the new Foxtel single coax cable satellite distribution system.

They feature high output with adjustable gain and equalisation controls. The amplifiers are designed to be powered by an 18V DC power supply, such as the Kingray PSK18S.

Kingray Passive Devices

Due to all the satellite services being distributed on one polarity now, all components within a multistacker SMATV backbone system must pass frequencies from 45 to 2400MHz.

New to the Kingray range are a variety of splitters & taps plus a diplexer, all approved for use with the satellite multistacker.

These passive devices are rated to 2400 MHz, high performance RFI shielding & high isolation specifically required to meet the new Foxtel specifications.




All of these Kingray products are Foxtel Approved.