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GME is a proud Australian-owned company established in 1959 by our founder Ted Dunn.

Originating in Television Repair, GME evolved into specialising in the design and manufacturing of radiocommunication devices and emergency beacons.

Headquartered in Sydney’s Winston Hills, GME provides communication equipment and emergency beacons of the highest standard to clients in Australia and around the world.



Through a passion for communication we are “Empowering People to Feel Connected”, wherever life takes them.



Create and deliver innovative, customised communication solutions. 

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An organisation’s performance depends on the effectiveness of the people who drive it.

At Standard Communications our people are our strength.

We are passionate about investing in our team members and are constantly striving to offer an employment experience like no other, with endless opportunities for professional development and career progression.

Our Head Office is located in Sydney, New South Wales with Sales Offices located in Perth, Western Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.

For further enquiries, please email: recruit@gme.net.au


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Standard Communications is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The ability to share information is fundamental to mankind’s evolution, therefore when one considers the isolation and geography

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of Australia, it is clear why radio communications have played such an important role in the development of the nation’s infrastructure. Reliable radio access has been a vital component in such Australian icons as the Royal Flying Doctor Service and The School of the Air. It is also not surprising that innovative telecommunications should emerge as one of the country’s leading industries.

For over 30 years the Australian rural community has enjoyed the benefits of GME’s radio communications. In the 1980s our range of 477 MHz radios was instrumental in changing the face of farm communications, improving productivity and safety. Today GME telemetry and data radio equipment is introducing new levels of efficiency in farming, viticulture and many associated rural activities.

In the 1990s the GME TX4000 series of mobile radios revolutionised the Australian UHF radio market.


By offering a unique feature set, including totally integrated multichannel selcall facilities, remote mounting capability and unprecedented aesthetics married with tough, durable mechanics, the TX4000 family became the standard by which all other radios were measured.

Around Australia, customers like State Emergency, Ambulance and Police Services, Highway Patrols and the Rural Fire Brigades, are all well aware of the reliability and service that are the hallmark of Standard Communications and GME products.

Technical excellence lies at the very heart of every GME radio product, from the Design Engineers, through the factory assemblers, test technicians, to the sales and customer service teams that support the products in the field, each individual has commitment and an unerring pride in the quality of the GME product.

Such a combination of expertise and resources ensures GME remains at the forefront of radio communications development. We maintain our investment in technology and as customer needs change, we design radio communication products that continue the tradition of exceptional performance, innovative features and value for money.

Image source: Royal Flying Doctor Service - GME CB UHF radio (South Australian Medical Heritage Society, Society Website & Virtual Museum)


From the smooth waters of Australia’s North West shelf, through the turbulent and often unpredictable Bass Strait, the savage magnificence of the Pacific Ocean and on to the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, the sea is an integral part of Australian heritage.

GME’s approach to marine product development is somewhat different to most of our competitors. Our founder, Ted Dunn, was an avid sailor for most of his life, and his first-hand grasp of a mariner’s needs coupled with his engineering expertise provided the catalyst for many GME marine products.

A number of our staff and Managers continue to maintain a direct involvement in the marine industry. This interaction ensures customer feedback is continually channelled into product enhancement and the generation of new product ideas.

Since the early 1970s GME has been at the vanguard of marine electronics in the Australian region. The blending of hands-on experience with creative software engineering has produced a host of innovative GME Marine products including the world’s first VHF radio with totally integrated direct dial telephone facility, the compact size COSPAS/SARSAT compatible EPIRBs and the GR series of marine stereos. All proudly bear the GME logo.

All GME marine products undergo stringent testing to ensure they will provide years of trouble free service in the harsh marine environment. We are also sensitive to product aesthetics; our goal is to achieve a harmonious balance between good looks and practicality.

Kingray Matv

Since the distant days of the monochrome VHF service, in fact for almost as long as television has been available in Australia, we have been one of the major players in the TV service industry.

In the 1960s and 70s Standard Communications revolutionised the Australian MATV market with the Kingray range of broadband high power distribution amplifiers. With the advent of colour television, and the more recent conversion of most areas to UHF channels, GME Kingray products continue to be the preferred choice of discerning system engineers and installers.

The success of the GME Kingray product range evolves from carefully listening to our customers, being intimately involved in our markets, having the foresight and vision to take a perceived problem, converting it to an opportunity and generating a practical solution.

As we have entered the era of Digital Television services in Australia, our research and development efforts have accelerated to ensure the compatibility of GME Kingray product range and to enhance the range with additional products that meet and surpass our customers’ expectations for quality, performance and price.

Our sustaining objective is to provide GME Kingray customers with not just the most appropriate product for the job, but to ensure the ongoing delivery of professional customer service that has become the hallmark of the industry.


The unrivalled reputation of GME and GME Kingray products for quality, coupled with the manufacturing philosophy of only selecting components of the highest standard, is evidenced by the number of Australian Government and Armed Forces contracts awarded to the company for the supply of conventional and custom products.

The manufacturing and quality operations within Standard Communications stand as an example of the total commitment to manufacturing excellence, through state-of-the-art technology. With the integration of robots to the production line and the application of surface mount technology and automation, complex printed circuit boards can be assembled in a fraction of the time taken by human hands, with 100% accuracy. Wave soldering has been replaced by ‘Solder Reflow’ technology allowing the boards to be assembled and soldered in one process. The result is unparallelled quality, performance and reliability.

Product Development is the blending of ideas from the marketplace, management and Research and Development. A dedicated project team is formed to examine every aspect of the development cycle. New technologies are utilised to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

Standard Communications’ corporate headquarters and combined factory at Winston Hills incorporates state-of-the-art engineering and test laboratories dedicated to the design of long term products suitable for local production. Further utilisation of CAD/CAM technology, SMD manufacturing, Reflow Soldering techniques and automated assembly will ensure the continued success of Standard Communications’ Australian made products.

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The GME and Kingray brands maintain their market-leading position through exhaustive research, quality and reliability. All this is coupled to a comprehensive TQM programme including an AS/NZS ISO9001:2008 accreditation.