ScanSuite™ scans 2 times faster than any other UHF CB Radio for sale, creates seamless uninterrupted conversation with a group of like radios, and skips nuisance signals whilst continually scanning memory channels.

Combined, these three scanning technologies are a remarkable development in radio frequency communications.



Network Scan – Network Scan allows radios to have uninterrupted communication by dynamically switching to unused channels. Network Scan scans for other radios that share the same CTCSS or DCS tone. When a Network Scan radio detects a signal with no code or the wrong code, radios in the network scan group will switch to another channel to continue transmitting and receiving. This allows for Network Scan enabled radios to continually communicate without interruption.



AutoSkip – When scanning in open or group scan the radio may continuously stop on nuisance channels. These channels may be temporarily skipped or easily removed from the scan cycle without deleting from scan memory.

Turbo Scan

TurboScan – At more than 40 channels per second, TurboScan enables the radio to scan all 80 channels in under 2 seconds and is the backbone to the ScanSuite™ scanning technology.


Below is a video of the TX6500S, a 5 watt UHF CB handheld radio, the only handheld designed and manufactured exclusively in Australia, bred with GME DNA and features ScanSuite - It will change the way we communicate.


Click here to view the TX6500S