Digital Channel Filter for VHF/UHF TV & FM Radio

Digital Channel Filter

Zinwell’s Digital Channel Filter is an all-in-one programmable terrestrial TV signal booster, filter, combiner, channel converter, equalizer, and amplifier. With 4 x VHF/UHF inputs plus 1 x FM Radio input, it is suitable where terrestrial TV signals can be selected, processed, filtered, combined, equalized, and amplified at once.

With embedded LCD and key pad, it is user friendly for instant adjustment of channels and output power levels to successfully distribute the signals, within a multi-dwelling building.

  • 32 maximum output programmable channels
  • Integrated Pre-Amplifier and Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to capture and compensate incoming signal level differences
  • 4 inputs which each take either VHF or UHF TV signals + 1 FM Radio input
  • Adjustable output level up to 113 dBµV
  • Intuitive key pad with LCD display for easy programming